Safescan 6185 Money counting SOFTWARE

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Safescan’s 6185 money counting scale lets you count your entire till in less than two minutes—but then you need to process those results. Connect your 6185 to our MCS 6185 cash management software and let it do the heavy lifting for you. As soon as your 6185 has finished counting, you can instantly view and print your results, broken down by denomination (including customized and non-cash items such as vouchers, coupons and tokens), employee, and register for maximum insight. Want to see how today compares to previous results? Our MCS 6185 software stores all your past data, and advanced filtering options let you zoom in on the features you’re interested in. You can even export the data for further use in your automated accounting process. The unique “Live Count” feature enables you to view your count result in real-time in the software, as the count result of each denomination is immediately sent from the Safescan 6185 to the software.


Compatible with Safescan 6185 counting scale