Mediarange CD/DVD/BD lens cleaning disc

  • instock
  • MB Mr-Ck-Mr725


  • Content: Cleaning CD with antistatic brush
  • Packaging: Cleaning CD in jewel case
  • with animated cleaning program
  • designed to remove dust and dirt from the laser optics inside your device
  • ensures smooth operation of your drive
  • increases the playback quality of your medias
  • Easy to follow cleaning program


  • Suitable for cleaning and protecting your CD|DVD|BD drives
  • Not for use with slot-in devices
Operating instructions: Insert the cleaning CD into your drive and follow the cleaning program’s instructions. Please make sure that the cleaning brushes faces downwards when you insert it into your device. If the cleaning disc is not in use, please store it in the jewel case.


MediaRange cleaning products are perfect for your office and small electronic devices. Our lens cleaner with antistatic brush removes dust and dirt from your disc drive lens ensuring smooth operation and prolonged lifespan.